Who We Are

Introduction & Mission

The Douglas County Early Childhood Planning Coalition (DCECPC) comes together to link community resources and families through a coordinated planning process.

The DCECPC was formed in 1997 by members of local agencies and organizations to identify gaps in services to young children and their families who reside in Douglas County, Oregon. The Coalition develops strategies through a collaborative planning process to improve and coordinate services. Over the years, DCECPC membership has grown to more than thirty participating government agencies, education, and non-profit organizations. The members of the Coalition provide significant in-kind support for planning and coordination activities.

In 2004, the Coalition developed the Parent Education and Training Brokerage to increase the number of parent education opportunities available in Douglas County. The Parent Education and Training Brokerage provides family strengthening opportunities through educational activities for parents and caregivers that promote the healthy development of children 0-8 years of age who reside in Douglas County, Oregon. A number of agencies and organizations have joined the Brokerage to financially support and promote these educational opportunities.

Membership in the Douglas County Early Childhood Planning Coalition include:

  • ADAPT Alcohol and other Drug Treatment/Prevention
  • Battered Persons Advocacy
  • Child Welfare Program
  • CASA of Douglas County
  • Douglas County Chapter of the Oregon Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Douglas County Commission on Children and Families
  • Douglas County Community Health Program
  • Douglas County Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education
  • Douglas County Library
  • Douglas County Mental Health Program
  • Douglas County UCAN/Head Start
  • Douglas County YMCA
  • Douglas Education Service District
  • Elkton School District
  • Family Connections/Child Care Resource and Referral
  • Family Development Center/Parent Relief Nursery


  • First Step/South County Resource Center
  • Great Afternoons, Reedsport
  • Healthy Start of Douglas County
  • Mercy Medical Center Community Education Program
  • Options Counseling Services of Oregon, Inc.
  • Phoenix School
  • Provider Resource Organization
  • Redeemers Fellowship
  • Reedsport Community Learning Center
  • Riddle School District
  • Riverside Center
  • Roseburg School District
  • Self Sufficiency and Employment Program
  • South Umpqua School District
  • Sutherlin Community Resource Center
  • Umpqua Community College


The DCECPC through the Parent Education and Training Brokerage has the reputation of offering a wide variety of high quality, cost-effective parent education opportunities free of charge for parents, family members, day care providers and other interested community members and are held in various parts of the county to promote the healthy development of young children in all areas. Parent education and training opportunities currently offered and in development reflect the needs of a wide variety of parents taking into consideration cultural diversity, parent developmental level, and other social or health issues. Educational offerings have been provided to parents mandated by court and/or agency, parents who are developmentally delayed, and to parents who are actively seeking opportunities to improve their parenting skills in general. The Coaltion also strives to promote the application and modeling of sound developmental practices within the child care community. There has been a collaborative effort to offer a number of educational opportunities to meet the needs of these diverse groups.

Parent Education and Training Brokerage

The DCECPC has developed the Parent Education and Training Brokerage with the express purpose of providing high quality parent education classes throughout the year.  Local agencies and organizations become Brokerage sponsors by providing annual funding for existing parent education activities and will allow for the expansion and development of educational offerings to teen parents, Hispanic/Latino parents, parents that are developmentally delayed or with mental health issues, and the child care community.  The Brokerage concept is an entity to insure funding for programming allowing the DCECPC to achieve its goals and benefiting Brokerage sponsors by:

  • Planning and scheduling parent education workshops to be offered at regular intervals free of charge and responsive to the child care needs of the participants.
  • Training and employing a number of responsible, dedicated, and qualified facilitators.
  • Developing a cost effective approach as agencies and organizations pay one annual fee equal to the cost of one workshop, but can offer clients the availability of a number of offerings per year.
  • Reducing duplication of parent education services between agencies and organizations throughout Douglas County.
  • Continuing curricula research and development.
  • Evaluating the responsiveness and effectiveness of the parent education series and workshops.
  • Providing a service that is organization neutral and unaffiliated.

The Brokerage continues to provide a variety of opportunities for parents of young children to receive training in child care and development, nonviolent discipline methods, stress management and proactive communication techniques. Parents will learn ways to nurture and foster their child's development by providing stimulation, appropriate developmental opportunities and nurturing relationships. Research has clearly established the learning and practice of these parental skills as being instrumental to creating healthy and nurturing environments. Environment and relationships are important to early childhood development.

Sponsorship And Participation

The educational series offered vary in cost depending on the length of individual sessions and the number of sessions in the series. All series offer modest refreshments and either on-site child care or child care reimbursement for participants.  As the Brokerage expands we can provide more workshops per year, train more instructors, and host workshops to outlying areas of Douglas County.

For information on how your organization can become a Brokerage sponsor or participant please contact:

Douglas County Early Childhood Planning Coalition at: (541) 817-3119 or via e-mail: